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Wisdom is Life's Legacy: Learning from Mistakes and Finding YOUR Super Power

"The FX" will take a look into the lessons that life teaches us everyday. Through decisions, trial and errors, and even making mistakes. It is through the lessons from making mistakes we learn to grow. Monday night, we dwell into the acceptance of making mistakes, and see what and/or how to adapt the next time a similar situation shows itself. Doing so can allow one to be "truthful" to oneself and offer an opportunity to open a window to finding our "super powers."

Air Date: 9.22.2014


The Connection of Mental Health and Physical Health (Mental Health episode)

Continuing our monthly discussion on Mental Health. The "FX" examines the converse relationship of mental health and physical health. Exploring why and how they exist; looking at common conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer that can result from their co-existence; and finding ways to fight this one-two combination and get the treatment(s) needed.

Air Date: 9.29.2014

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