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To Switch or Not to Switch: Corporal Punishment and the Traditions of Spanking

"The FX" looks at Domestic Abuse, we will examine how to recognize that you are in an abusive relationship as well as the steps needed to get out of it.
Also we will look at the time old tradition that many of us have experience... spankings. "...when I was growing up, I use to get whippings all the time and I turned out fine..." We've either heard that comment or said it. The question has come up recently, "does Corporal Punishment encourage rather than deters violent behavior?"

Air Date: 9.22.2014


FEAR: Ball of Confusion (Mental Health)

Continuing the discussion on Mental Health in the world, we recap news within the last month - Robin Williams suicide, crisis in Ferguson, MO, Ebola outbreak in Africa, Russian conflicts, the uprise of ISIS, etc... Looking at the one thing they all have in common - FEAR. This show examines how fear continues to effect the decisions of the world, seeing as if we are living in a "ball of confusion." 

Air Date: 8.25.2014

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